About Us

Amazing Life is a one-stop home healthcare product and services provider, specialising in bringing Japanese and Korean home healthcare culture to the Singapore heartlands. Amazing life directly addresses the problem of sub-health issues, which is a critical state between health and disease, a grey state of health. Providing authentic compassion on rehabilitation and health services in building a healthy society.


Provide help in Medical Needs, reduce society’s Medical Expenses.



Position at Rehabilitation health care, recommend high-quality goods, to fulfil the three values of life, which is:

• Provide “Wealth of 0pportunities”

• Create “Life of Affluence”

• Maintain “Health and Harmony”

As the Entrepreneur-ial mission and commitment.

The success and longevity of a business depends on the attitudes and belief systems of the persons running the operation. The difference lies in whether the operators have the passion and the perseverance to keep the business running at its peak.

Ms. Kwok Mei Yiu suffered from a distorted spine from a fall at a considerable height. Her spine received the proper correction since her use of the thermal therapy spinal health device since 1992. Ms. Kwok began introducing the medical device since 1994 in Hong Kong. Helping many suffering from a variety of ailments and those with spinal health issues, providing them a solution for an improved quality of life.

Mr. Tam Ka Sing was suffering from a flu virus which consequently led to heart failure in 2006. While Mr. Tam was fighting for a chance to recover, he was waitlisted to receive a heart transplant surgery. In the mid-2009, after more than nine months of use of the Japan Electro-Potential Therapeutic Mattress, the heart began to improve its functions. Mr. Tam was the first person in Hong Kong to use the therapeutic pad, and ever since 2010, he became the distributor of Asia Pacific, introducing the product to Hong Kong.

The couple both experienced the importance of health and they dedicate their lives in promoting health maintenance as a concept to everyone. Amazing Life has a unique logo design with rays of gold and white infusing together and dispersing outward, implying the two flagship products can spread the rays of wellness to every corner of the world. There is even a well-thought out Chinese rhyming words to promote the concept of health maintenance, clearly and precisely representing the mission the couple has in this health maintenance product industry.

We firmly believe with a healthy life, it allows one to walk even further in life!