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Amazing Life Japanese Roller Massager
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Amazing Life Japanese Roller Massager

Japan Roller Massager

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Recovering and relaxing after a hard day’s work can do wonders both for your physical and mental health. Now you can enjoy your serene moments at the comfort of your own home while relieving your body from muscle tension with this medical-grade Japanese Roller Massager with Infrared Heating.

It is a non electromagnetic therapy with a body massage and Shiatsu effect that offers soothing relief from mild to chronic muscle pain. It can also help stretch the spine and keep it straight.

It has two modes - ‘kneading’ and ‘beating’. They target fatigued and tight muscles.

Use this massager after a strenuous workout or a long day at work or school and remove all the stress away.

Product Details

Equipped with vibration function, like a thumb rubbing 2-axis 8-wheel roller.

The Roller Massager is equipped with two vibration functions: "kneading" and "beating."

"Kneading" can gently relieve tight, hardened, and fatigued muscles; "beating" can rhythmically stimulate peripheral nerves.

The unique shape of the acupressure roller is based on the research and development of the thumb shape and hardness of the acupressure teacher.

The 2-axis 8-wheel rollers, which are as proficient and gentle as the hands of a professional acupuncturist, can accurately grasp the back and surrounding acupoints. Just lie down to relieve the tension, hardening, and fatigue of the whole body.

The lightest and thinnest folding orthopedic bed. 

It has the effect of straightening the back and delaying the aging of the spine.

Use the controller to easily select the appropriate program.

Three automatic acupressure programs can be selected: "Full Body," "Upper Body," and "Lower Body."

Product Specifications

  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 620 x 2080 x 90 mm
  • Folded size: 620 x 1100 x 180 mm
  • Product weight: 18 kg
  • Power consumption: 220v Ac 50Hz
  • 100% Japanese imported recumbent Japanese Roller Massager
  • Home-use medical equipment recognized by the Japanese government