Ion Dream Box Pillow

Ion Dream Box Pillow

Ion Dream Box Pillow

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Made in Japan

The energy- boosting beads in this pillow are mixed with activated charcoal that removes any odours. They also emit anions, which effectively purify air, and regulate the flow of the magnetic field in the human body, relieving any nervous tension for complete mental relaxation.

It is suitable for people with thinner neck and shoulder contours

Size: ca. 58x38cm

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Amazing Life Pillows help relieve the pressure in your back after a long day of standing or work, improve your sleep quality, and “recharge” both your body and brain!

Japanese Energy-Boosting Beads

The hollow beads are made of high-quality polyester fibres, with registered patents in multiple countries worldwide. Their softness and resilience ensure effective shoulder, head and neck support when you lie down. This effectively relieves your muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves neck and shoulder pain, and alleviates pressure on the joints of the cervical spine, thereby greatly enhancing sleep quality, which is great news for those suffering from shoulder and neck pain, or poor sleep quality. Furthermore, they are made from eco-friendly materials and easy to clean, making our pillows the best choice to prevent upper respiratory tract infections.

Pillows are meant to support the neck and spine

The right pillow can provide proper support for your head, neck and even the entire spine. It should be sufficiently soft and resilient to effectively support your neck, shoulder and head when you lie down. This will help in relaxing your muscles, relieving neck and shoulder pain, and alleviating pressure on the joints of the cervical spine,

Back Stretcher: The four cylindrical pillows that make up the Back Stretcher are designed to ergonomically fit the human spine. Whether you are simply lying down or working out at the same time, the pillow improves blood circulation in the back within five minutes, to relieve back stiffness, reduce the stress of the joints in the spine, alleviate any pain and fatigue,



1.   Good ventilation and does not trap heat .Highly breathable beads with a hollow design ensure that our pillows are well ventilated, and do not trap heat or cause suffocation. Our pillows keep your head cool as they disperse heat and ensure good ventilation.

2.   Effective pressure relief .Unlike other pillows currently available on the market, our pillows provide stronger and more effective support for the shoulders, neck and head, allowing your muscles to truly relax and relieving any fatigue.

3.   Lightweight, soft, and elastic. The hollow beads made from highly resilient polyester fibres retain their integrity and do not deform easily. This not only ensures that our pillows quickly return to their original shape after compression, but also that they retain their shape even after prolonged use

4.   Variable thickness for maximum support to your head and neck. Amount of beads inside the pillow can be customised to suit different needs. The use of individual beads ensures that they can move in accordance with the user to constantly provide maximum support

5.   Anti-dust mite and mildew resistant, Unlike traditional pillows that tend to deteriorate or become deformed after exposure to moisture and sweat, and attract dust mites and mildew, our pillows are filled with energy-boosting beads that repel dust mites and mildew.

 6.   Eco-friendly, washable and hygienic. Our pillows are made of highly eco-friendly materials that are durable and recyclable. Simply use a mesh bag when washing; your pillow will retain its shape even with regular washing, thereby maintaining its quality and effectiveness.


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