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Korea Gemstone Heating Pad

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Tight muscles and back pains? A simple massage may not be enough. Relieve your body from stress, aches, and other discomfort with Korean Gemstone Heating Pad that provides excellent and brilliant thermotherapy with infrared technology.

Infrared therapy is a non electromagnetic radiation therapy. It uses carbon fibers to emit the rays which are a portion of the sun’s invisible wavelength system. It can also break down excess body fat, reduce swelling, and reshape body posture.

The infrared rays then deeply enters the body and improves blood circulation and soothes muscle spasms on neck, back, shoulders, hips, and more.

It is composed of five natural gemstones including illite, Bentonite clay, South Korean loess, Japanese white charcoal, and Pozzolan.

Product Details

Five natural gemstones:

  1. Illite – Illite is a mineral-sourced natural thickener with good absorbent properties and is sometimes referred to as French green clay. Illite has a more vital ability to calm skin irritated by influencing factors in skin, leading to health issues.
  2. Bentonite clay – Bentonite clay is formed from ancient volcanic ash that was once exposed to seawater, at which point it absorbed a whole lot of minerals. It certainly has a history of medicinal uses, along with plenty of anecdotal accounts to suggest that it's effective for external and internal services.
  3. South Korean loess – The Loess soil is believed to improve blood circulation and metabolism and relieve pain while the blood is detoxified as the infrared heat pushes out waste from the skin and pores. Heated Loess is recommended to prevent topical dermatitis and ease asthma symptoms.
  4. Japanese white charcoal (Binchōtan) – Has natural environmental protection functions such as moist absorption, deodorization, and bacterial prevention. Binchōtan is turned into hair-width carbon fiber to perform heat conduction. There is no heat-generating wire in the heat emitting part. Therefore it is very safe and durable.
  5. Pozzolan – The Pozzolan is believed to have some specific advantage as follows:
  • To release far infrared rays and negative ions.
  • Improve circulation and metabolism.
  • Promote wound healing.
  • Quickly absorbed by the human body and skin.
  • Antibacterial detoxification and deodorization effect.

The benefits of far-infrared rays

Also known as vital rays, they are an essential element to sustaining life on Earth. Invisible to the naked eye, their wavelengths range from 4 to 1000 microns. The 8 to 14 microns range resonates with all the waves needed by the human body. The heat emitted is mild and moderate.

FIR can permeate five centimeters below the skin, it helps:

  • activate moisture within the human body;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • enhance body energy;
  • accelerate blood and lymphatic vessels;
  • drain away coldness and dampness;
  • strengthen the body's immunity;
  • self-healing ability.

It can also break down excess body fat, reduce swelling, and reshape body posture.

The benefits of negative ions

Help provide the oxygen needed by the body's blood cells. These cells need three negative ions and one positive ion for maximum efficiency. However, negative ions are more difficult to absorb in everyday life. Long-term lack of negative ions in cells accelerates aging and leads to various chronic damages to the human body. Forests, waterfalls, and other areas in the countryside are rich in negative ions, so people tend to be relaxed and happy when close to nature. Negative ions help cells rejuvenate their normal metabolic functions and absorb fresh nutrients; thus, the body's self-healing ability can be boosted. They are also effective in facilitating autonomic nerve functions, stabilizing emotions, relieving stress in urban areas, helping sleep, and improving sleep quality.

Product Specifications

  • Made in Korea
  • Size: 40 x 60 cm
  • Rated voltage: AC100-200V 60/60Hz
  • Rated power: 140W
  • Temperature control: 20OC – 60OC (automatic temperature control)
  • Weight (with packing): Approx. 3.1 kg