M.E.I. Mist
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M.E.I. Mist

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Actisynthesis Technology is the latest scientific research that can help you to:

  • reverse your muscle age,

  • repair damaged cells and promote cell renewal,

  • efficiently smooth wrinkles,

  • extreme whitening and lightening class,

  • create elasticity and firmness, and

  • reshape three-dimensional contours.

Product Details

The secret of Actisynthesis Technology is a scientific research patented technology, aimed at cell information transmission and memory, can revitalize the skin, really help you reverse the age of your muscles, get rid of the constraints of the years, and regain your skin's fate.

  • Activate muscular potential
  • Restore information transmission between cells, improve cell functioning, and stimulate the regeneration of muscle bottom collagen
  • Reverse the fate of skin
  • Eliminate free radicals in cells, relieve cell oxidation, effectively resist aging, and improve skin health
  • Restore youth and health
  • Awakens cell memory, reshapes cells, restores elasticity and firmness to the skin, and regains moisture and luster

Direction of Use

M.E.I. mist can be used day and night after carefully cleaned skin.

  1. Spray the product directly on the face for cells repair and activate the cell regeneration, to remove the marks on our face, fade dull tone with whitening.
  2. Hold the spray a few inches from your face, close your eyes, and mist your face.

Product Specifications

  • Made in Japan
  • 38 fl.oz./100ml