Japanese Hormee Cream

Japanese Hormee Cream

Japanese Hormee Cream

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Made in Japan

Consist of 7 types of natural minerals & plant extract.


  • Rejuvenate blood circulation
  • Improve metabolism
  • Pain relief
  • Cell reform
  • Improve blood vessel and lymph tissue
  • Reduce wrinkles, dark spots and face contour


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5 Effective Functions


-          Re. Body: Rejuvenate blood circulation Revitalize, improve metabolism and blood circulation

-          Re. Balance: Pain relieved, continuous application on the affected area will result in improvement

-          Re. Born:  Negative ion can improve cell reform, moisturing, strengthen immune system

-          Re. Body: Reshape body curves: Transform and improve the blood vessel and lymph tissue. Reshaping the body curves

-          Re- Beauty: Recreate beautiful skin: Improve face contour, reduce wrinkles and dark spots



-          An extract of Eggplant fruit                                           

-          An extract of Citron fruit                                                 

-          An extract of Angelica keiskei

-          An extract of Aloe vera leaves

-          An extract of Tilla cordata

-          An extract of Hydrolyzed white mustard seed

-          An extract of Peach leaf

-          Kaolin

-          Xenotime

-          Thorium oxide

-          Titanium oxide

-          Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

-          Jojoba seed oil

-          Zirconium silicate

-          Hyaluronic acid Na