Japanese Home Care Therapy Device

Japanese Home Care Therapy Device

Japanese Home Care Therapy Device

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Made in Japan

Japanese Electro- Therapeutic Foot Masseur provides five different physical therapies. Low frequency waves generate a resonance absorption synergistic effect identical with human body's biological current. This stimulates the body's self healing ability through the acupuncture points on the palms and soles.

Low frequency electric therapy : The impact of low - frequency electric pulses, helps regulating internal organ functional Systems.

Additional stimulation pads: Help to generate the electric acupuncture pulse through different parts of our body

Air pressure massage : Clear the blood and lymph tissue flow in the ends of the four limbs, relieving fatigue,eliminating swelling  and varicose veins, and keeping metabolic waste out of small joints.

High frequency vibration therapy : With 4,040 high frequency vibrations per minute, calcium absorption is promoted, accelerating new bone cell growth

Heat therapy : Through heating of the palms and soles, circulation in the capillaries is improved and the body's heat circulation is accelerated

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A therapy based on the functional principles of the human body that provides low frequency electric stimulation when the body’s biological current becomes chaotic. This stimulates the body’s self-healing ability, thereby restoring the injured part to normal condition. Low frequency pulse waves generate a resonance absorption synergistic effect with the human body’s biological electricity, and when an external source provides a low frequency electric pulse identical to that of human biological electricity, the acupuncture points on the palms of our hands and soles of our feet are stimulated, thereby clearing the main and collateral channels, restoring the healthy function of the viscera, and promoting blood and lymph tissue flow. This achieves effects including elimination of swelling, elimination of weariness and muscle pain, improvement to varicose veins, easing the load on the heart, and prevention of old age dementia.

This is wisdom passed down through traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is the first choice to maintain a healthy body, and modern acupuncture is also combined with the enhancing therapeutic effect of electric frequency. The electric acupuncture of Japanese Foot Masseur eliminates the need to break the skin and has no painful insertion stimulation. The effects are more widespread than with traditional acupuncture, and it is more easily implemented. It is a household medical device that can be used at home.


            ACHIEVE EFFECTS :

  • Restoring the healthy function of the viscera
  • Promoting blood and lymph tissue flow
  • Prevention and rehabilitation stroke, varicose veins, high blood pressure, old age dementia
  • Easing the load on the heart 
  • Restoring blood vessel elasticity
  • Preventing muscle atrophy
  • Clearing the main collateral channels
  • Activating brain cells
  • Restoring nerve conductivity and eliminating pain
  • Enables the capillaries peripheral nerves to relax
  • Breaking down adhered materials, metabolizing waste
  • Achieving physical and mental relaxation

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