Sub-health is a critical state between health and disease, or a gray state of health. The body has a weak immune system and pathogens may invade easily and seriously, and it is also more dangerous because most people neglect it and many therefore get into serious trouble and illness. World Health Organization found that 70% of the adult population are in Sub-health condition, if you think is not a big deal, THINK AGAIN. Due to reasons, some industrialized societies and some developing societies are the most seriously hit with Sub-health issues.


Stress, insomnia, forgetfulness, profuse dreaming, dizziness, distention in the head, mental fantigue, cumbersome limb, vacuity sweating, congestion, general body weakness, general lack of strength, poor appetite, proneness to flu agitation, irregular menses, feeling tense, congestion.

Amazing Life Japanese Healthcare Services

Do you suffer from any of the above-mentioned conditions?

Amazing Life offers a unique and personalized rehabilitation services for you and your love ones. Experience and rejuvenate your health, mind, body and soul with the touch of our Japanese electro-massage therapy right at your doorstep or at our branch. We aim to improve both well-being and quality of life for our customers and their families. Priorities your seniors and familyto a healthier living lifestyle with Amazing Life.

Home services

Having problem visiting us, worries no more cause our home services specialists will be there for you right at your door step. Enjoy a peace of mind at home and Experiences our Japanese electro-massage therapy home services and consultations.

Japanese Home Care Therapy Charges
In-house services $16/30 mins
Home services $100/2 hrs
Above Includes:
  • Assessment of rehabilitation needs
  • Design of treatment and rehabilitation plans
  • Health Evaluation


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