Joint Deformation & Loss of Function

Mdm. Leung (age 77)

Mdm. LEUNG Fo-Lan, age 77, had suffered from a tendon contraction in her left and right middle fingers for more than 6 months. For the past 6 months, her ring finger was perpetually bent and could not be straightened. She had consulted different doctors but to no avail. When she first started using Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur, she felt some pain in her fingers. However, after 30 minutes, she was able to extend her fingers fully. She was amazed at its effects.

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Oedema & Lower Limb Weakness (age 80+)

This lady suffered from a lower limb movement disorder and was unable to stand or walk, resulting in oedema in both feet. When her filial daughter-in-law heard about this medical device, she immediately bought it for her mother-in-law to try. After using the Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur 3 times a day for half an hour each time, the lady could stand on her own and even walk slowly with the help of a walker after the 7th day. The oedema in her lower extremities also subsided.

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Severe Varicose Veins (Previously Resulting in a Ruptured Vessel)

Security Guard (age 60)

A 60-year-old security guard, standing on his feet for more than 10 hours a day, has suffered from varicose veins for nearly 10 years. He once underwent surgery for his legs because of ruptured varicose veins. Over the past 10 years, he has often experienced tendon weakness and fatigue, and darkened skin on his calves. He was introduced by a friend to the Amazing Life’s Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur. After just 4 days, his varicose veins were greatly improved and had softened. By the 6th day, he reported that the darkened skin on his calves had seen a 30% improvement.
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Poor Blood Circulation, Weakness in the Legs

Ms. Lai (age 94)

Ms. Lai’s grandmother is 94 years old. Troubled by poor blood circulation and weakness in the legs, her grandmother had once had a bad fall due to tendon weakness. This prompted Ms. Lai to buy the Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur for her grandmother. After using it only twice, she saw great improvement. She can now move around freely and can even cook and take care of the family.

Numbness in the soles of the feet (age 70+)

Mr. Wong is now over 70 years old. 3 years ago, he started to experience numbness in the soles of his feet. Over the years, he has spent more than 20,000 HKD on Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chinese “tui na” massage, Western medicine and a variety of treatment machines to no avail, until he tried out the Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur. On the 1st day, after using the machine with a low frequency of 10 degrees, he could not feel any difference. On the 2nd day, he used the Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur in conjunction with a treatment patch and by the 4th day, he was slowly experiencing sensations in his feet again. He is very grateful for the help of Amazing Life’s Electro-Therapeutic Foot Masseur.