Vitality Original Enzymes

Vitality Original Enzymes

Vitality Original Enzymes

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Made in Taiwan

Main Features:

1.  Made with 152  kinds of organic fruits,vegetables and herbs.

2.  Fulfils the body's needs for different enzymes.

3.  Not easily decomposed by stomach acid.

4.  To maintain regular metabolism.

5.  To balance the pH value in the small intestines.

6.  To clear the intestines as well as rid the blood vessels of waste of products.

7.  To purify the blood and lower the acidity of the body.

8.  To maintain a balance in the immune system,and prevent bacterial infection.

9.  Plant enzymes contain a great deal of essential substances, which nourish the body.

10. No heavy metals, no plasticizers,  no pesticide residues 

Ideal for:

Suitable for all ages, including children and old folks.

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Raw Materials & Processing:

Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, beetroot, Aloe Vera, seaweed, Ganoderma Lucidum, Burdock, Rattan, Lotus root, Roselle and various seeds (whole bean, whole husk). Comprise of 152 types natural ingredients, using special bacteria strains to ferment. It takes 6 months of fermentation and many purification stages to produce the highest quality. It does not contain any chemical or harmful substances.

Human cells contain approximately 1300 different enzymes. These enzymes, combined with the coenzymes found in other vitamins and minerals, can form around 100,000 different chemical compounds. From the breaking down of food that you eat, to anabolic reactions take place in your tissues, to even the formation of tissues such as muscle tissue, nerve cells, bone, skin or glandular tissue, enzymes are required in every process in the body, so much so that the processes of life are almost synonymous with enzyme activity.

Why do We Need Supplement Enzymes?

To maintain regular metabolism

● To balance the pH value in the small intestine

● To clear the intestines as well as rid the blood vessels of waste products

● To purify the blood and lower the acidity of the body

● To maintain a balance in the immune system, and prevent bacterial infection

● Plant enzymes contain a great deal of essential substances, which nourish the body

Commonly Used Enzymes Perform the Following Functions:

●  Papain

     Resolves food stagnation, nourishes the lungs, and facilitates protein digestion.

●  Bromelain

      Reduces swelling, expels internal dampness, facilitates digestion, and relieves sore throat

●  Orange enzymes

     Nourish and invigorate the stomach, strengthen blood vessels, and may prevent heart disease, stroke, colds, flu, and bruising.

●  Lemon enzymes

     Rich in vitamin C, capable of relieving cough and reducing phlegm, and help detoxify the body.

●  Apple enzymes

     Improve digestion, promote kidney function, and prevent hypertension.

●  Grapefruit enzymes

      Lower cholesterol levels, and prevent colds and bleeding gums.

●  Watermelon enzymes

      Relieve “heatiness”, have a diuretic effect, and lower blood pressure

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Main Ingredients:

Complex fruits and vegetables enzymes, probiotic, polysaccharides, organic amino groups, vitamins and organic minerals. Each 1cc contains probiotic reaching 106 cfu.


This is a naturals plants extracts, drink directly for best effects. Or dilute it by adding cold water 2-8 times, do not use water over 40, it may destroy the enzymes activity.



This is a bio-active substances, please store in dry, cool place, avoid shaking.



This product contains no additives, drugs or preservatives. Diabetes patient should seek physician or nutritionist advise before usage.


Nutrition Facts:

Each 100ml


Moisture                      57.92g                         Ash                              0.53g

Crude Fat                    0.06g                           Crude Protein              0.79g

Total Carbohydrate     66.23g                         Energy                        269kcal

Sodium                        82.30mg                      Calcium                      25.22mg

Zinc                             0.08                             Iron                             2.31mg           

Manganese                  1.18mg                        Cuprum                       0.24mg

Chromium                  0.05mg                        Magnesium                 17.93mg

Cobalt                         0.04mcg                      Phosphorus                  22.22mg

Potassium                    219.6mg                      Biotin                          16.31mcg

Vitamin B1                 0.01mg                        Vitamin B2                 0.11mg

Vitamin B6                 0.01mg                        Vitamin B12               0.03mcg

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